Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Experiment in Information Overload

Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post subjects himself to 24 uninterrupted hours of newsaper, television, and Internet punditry and decries the drinking-from-a-firehose nature of the Information Age:

There are too many voices, competing too hard, fighting for attention, ranting, redundant, random. The dissemination of fact and opinion is no longer the sole province of people and institutions with the money to buy network monopolies or ink by the ton, as it was a half-century ago when information was delivered to us, for better or worse, like the latest 1950s-era cigarette: filtered, for an illusion of safety. Now, all is out of control. Everyone with a computer is a potential pundit; anyone with a video camera can be on a screen.

Pfft. Call me when he tries to do it while balancing a job in a big law firm and raising pre-schoolers.

(link and like-minded dismissive shrug via Sullivan)

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