Monday, March 10, 2008

Bud Gets a Raise

From Maury:

After receiving an extension that will keep him as commissioner of baseball until at least 2012, Bud Selig has been pulling in a nice paycheck to go with.

Last year, Selig pulled in $14.5 million, which was more than all other sports executives. Think that the steroid scandal and the Mitchell Report have diluted Selig’s worth to his employers, the owners? Think again.

The Sports Business Journal reports that Selig had an increase in pay of 4 percent
compared to last year, and pulled in a cool $15.06 million.

Know what? He deserves it. Sure, Bud leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to style, but he has done exactly what he was tasked with doing: grow revenues for the game and, more specifically, the owners. I can think of many things I would have done differently than Bud Selig did, but baseball is in pretty good shape these days. He's worth Bobby Abreu money.

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