Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gotta Love Papelbon

John Papelbon plans on playing a lot of poker during the flight to Tokyo (which is probably in progress as we go to press):

“I’m going to play the whole trip,” closer Jonathan Papelbon said. “My plan is to slow play the (expletive) out of them and take all their money.”
Then he said:

Texas Hold ’Em - and nothing else, said Papelbon - will be played. . . and “for entertainment purposes only.”
Those two statements don't go together. Of course, Papelbon probably doesn't know that he need not worry about appearances given that gambling is perfectly legal in international airspace. Why wouldn't he know that?

“I don’t read books,” he said.

Not that you have to read much when you can throw a 97 m.p.h. fastball with a lot of movement. Or attract arm candy like the young lady to the right.


Anonymous said...

As Schilling has said: "He's not exactly a mensa candidate."


Jason said...

PS: that's his wife.

talk about selling stock too early...

Anonymous said...

Someone looks like they've spent a little too much time in the tanning booth.