Thursday, March 27, 2008

The First of Many Low Points

The Giants lose to their AAA team:

The Giants' visit to their Triple-A affiliate really was a big deal. Chukchansi Park was sold out long ago, local hero Mark Gardner tossed the ceremonial first pitch and the teams lined up along the base lines for introductions as if this were Game 1 of the World Series.

One of the squads appeared set for Opening Day, and it wasn't the Giants, who lost to Fresno 4-3.

In his final appearance before he starts the opener against the Dodgers, Barry Zito allowed four runs (three earned) over 62/3 innings against a Grizzlies lineup in which Nate Schierholtz was the Big Man On Campus, with 112 big-league at-bats. For the spring, Zito gave up 24 earned runs in 25 innings.

And you thought the horror wouldn't begin until Monday.


Anonymous said...


Shyster, I'm shocked you didn't mention Sabean in this blurb :)

Humiliating as this loss is, the Giants PR staff seems to have anticipated this bad result and more.

Giants radio commercials have been running in the Bay Area suggesting that the faithful should attend games frequently, earning a badge of respect as a "gamer". The message is that a true fan supports his team even when the going gets tough.

Left unsaid is just how tough the going is going to get. I suspect the Giants PR staff will know the gamers of late summer by their first names, all six or seven of them. The rest of the gameday "crowd" they can greet at the turnstiles with "First time in San Francisco?"

Shyster said...

"Shyster, I'm shocked you didn't mention Sabean in this blurb"

He's got a restraining order out on me. Don't worry. I'm appealing. ;-)