Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Interview with Voros

Dave at Brock for Broglio interviews Voros McCracken. You should read the whole thing, but Voros answers two questions -- one about park effects, one about post season roster construction -- by essentially saying "Factor X, which everyone talks about, is probably overblown."

I think Voros is right in both of those instances, and generally speaking, I think there are many things even the most right-thinkin' baseball fans among us overstate from time to time. League differences, for example, which, while very real, probably don't need to be brought up as often as people do when analyzing players (I mean, is Kyle Lohse really so much better off on the Cardinals than he would have been on the Twins?). There are others, I'm sure.

Anyway, click through for a nice little Q&A.

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Anonymous said...

I thought there was some interesting nuggets for sure. The park factor bit, the comment about consulting with the front office.. etc

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