Monday, March 24, 2008


The Yankees', I dunno, first baseman I guess, wants his old number 14 pretty bad:

Morgan Ensberg wants to wear No. 14 with the Yankees so badly that he offered his teammate Wilson Betemit $5,000, but Betemit would not relinquish it. “Tough league,” Ensberg said.

Dude, take it from Jeff Feagles: in-kind contributions are much more effective with this sort of thing:

Plaxico Burress the erstwhile No. 80 in Pittsburgh, is a stylish No. 17 for the Giants . . . But first he had to purchase the number from punter Jeff Feagles. He asked for the cost of an outdoor kitchen in his vacation home in Phoenix, and in a deal brokered by agent Drew Rosenhaus, Burress complied. It was the second windfall for Feagles -- now No. 18. He gave quarterback Eli Manning his No. 10 a year ago in exchange for a family vacation in Florida.

In other news, I'm taking Jeff Feagles with me to my next mediation.

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