Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm not a big fan of preseason previews. There are so many good ones out there already and so many good annuals, that if you've gotten this far in the Spring without knowing what's on tap this season, nothing I can say is going to help you.

But I do like wild-ass guesses about random stuff, and Mac Thomason has a bunch of them over at Braves Journal today:

Carlos Delgado: .210/.299/.340, 84 games;
First manager fired: Ned Yost;
Dusty Baker throws Homer Bailey under the bus: April 17;
Dusty throws Joey Votto under the bus: May 22;
Jay Bruce: June 11;
Number of times media points out that Joe Torre doesn’t know what he’s doing: 0
Feel free to add your random predictions in the comments.


Shyster said...

Due to a bunch of complaints, I have gotten rid of the word verification thingie for comments. However, if this results in a bunch of spam, I'm probably going to put it back on.

Just so ya'll know.

Brian said...

Kerry Wood goes on the DL - April 1

Kerry Wood says he's looking forward to rehabbing in the offseason and helping the Cubs make a run in 2009 - early September

Greg P said...

Days the Royals spend in first place this season: Zero.

Alan said...

The Rays will just barely miss out on the Wild Card (by let's say 2 games) and will be heavily criticized for sending Evan Longoria to AAA to start the year when he could have been the difference in an otherwise magical season.

And the word verification thingy costs a maximum of 5 seconds per comment -- is it really that big a hassle? You've got some high-maintenance readers, Shyster!

Anonymous said...


Random predictions:

- Jason Giambi on DL: April 18
- Barry Zito surrenders 100th earned run: June 6th
- Barry Bonds signs MLB contract: May 10th
-With: Orioles
-Released: Aug 15th
Orioles 2008 Win Total: 48
WS Champs: Dodgers

Voros McCracken said...

The Jay Bruce one was off by several months:

Floyd said...

Joe Morgan says his first stupid thing of the season - April 5, 7:00 p.m. EST

Joe Morgan says his 50th stupid thing of the season - April 5, 8:30 p.m. EST

First team to be described as "very underrated" - Marlins

First team to demonstrate that last season was a fluke - Mariners

First Alex Rodriguez "choke artist" reference in NY Post: April 10

First Alex Rodriguez "mistress pictures" feature in NY Post: May 1

Juan Pierre records 100th K - June 1

Dodgers realize the error of their ways and bench Pierre - June 2. But the one in 2011.

Brian said...

Date Thomason adjusts his Torre prediction when he realizes the Dodgers' skipper plans on starting Juan Pierre on a regular basis. April 15.

Kelly said...

First Johan Santana panic in NY: April 22

FCC fines for Ron Santo's mispronunciation of "Fukudome": 3

Assassination attempts on Hawk Harrelson for "Put it on the board......YES!": 1

Number of references to 1908 during Cubs games: 1,390,238