Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lo Duca's Pool

Paul Lo Duca runs the Nats' NCAA pool:
Paul Lo Duca spent a good chunk of his Monday meticulously updating the NCAA tournament pool charts hanging in the home clubhouse at Space Coast Stadium.

There he was in the morning, down on the floor, using a metal rod to help make sure the lines he drew were straight. And there he was in the afternoon, up on a stool, filling in the points accrued by teammates with their picks.

I run the basketball pool for my firm so, along with my utter inability to contribute anything positive to a major league team, that makes two things Lo Duca and I have in common. I sort of enjoy being like Lo Duca. Maybe I should start paying my drug dealer with checks too.


Unknown said...

Running the NCAA pool fits in well with his reputation as a gambler, doesn't it?

Ken Dynamo said...

i think its safe to say that Big Pud is one of the biggest dummies in the world. i can just see him concentrating real hard on holding the ruler straight and then as he gets to the end of the line hes drawing the pressure of the pen causes it to slip and he ruins the whole chart and then he flips out and curses at one of the locker room attendants.

holy crap he is worthless.