Monday, March 10, 2008

Yankees' Prospect*

And you thought Garth Brooks: San Diego Padre was a bad idea:
The Yankees are ready to add a touch of Hollywood to their roster, announcing their plans to sign actor and comedian Billy Crystal to a one-day contract during Spring Training.

Crystal will sign the contract on Wednesday and work out with the Yankees at Legends Field before playing in the club's game on Thursday against the Pirates in Tampa. Commissioner Bud Selig approved the Yankees' extension of a contract to Crystal.

Normally I'd be against this kind of mockery of the game, bit seeing as though it's against the Pirates, I'll let it slide. Hell, Crystal will probably go 3 for 5 with a couple of doubles.


Justin Zeth said...

It's come to this: The Yankees are actively mocking the Pirates.

Osmodious said...

I hate this kind of stuff, too...but I've always liked Crystal (ever since the "mime is money" line in Spinal Tap), and the fact is that he is a HUGE baseball fan (Yankees, natch). It's not like one of these typical Hollywood publicity garbage for some movie...this guy loves (and understands, more importantly) the game.

Ernesto said...

If I'm on the mound Crystal gets one in his ass.