Monday, March 17, 2008

News From the Center of the Universe

I fail to understand what New York sportswriters hope to accomplish by asking players who are a full season away from free agency if they'd like to play for the Yankees.

Wait, I know exactly what they wish to accomplish. Thankfully C.C. Sabathia is savvy enough not to get pulled into the contrived drama of it all:
Some Yankee fans view Indians' ace C.C. Sabathia, last year's AL Cy Young award winner, as the perfect target for the team when the lefty becomes a free agent next year.

Sabathia, though, says he's not thinking about the future, unless it applies to this season with the Indians. He wouldn't bite on questions about the possibility of one day becoming a Yankee, saying only, "I'm focused on playing this season in Cleveland."

Would he like to re-sign with the Indians? "In a perfect world, of course," he said yesterday. "I've been pitching here since I was 17. We'll just see what happens."

Asked about New York, he said, "New York is fine. We only go a couple times a year."

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Jason said...

take this from a native NYer: Most of us (Yanks fans) can't stand the press that covers the team. We know they are only looking to act like a wedge to create stories. Lupica is the worst.

The beat writers are simply looking for any angle to write something sensational because, after all, their job is to sell papers.