Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Dylanesque Aside

The Erstwhile Hawk -- a/k/a Edmundo in BTF circles -- has set some of the issues bouncing around the game today to the tune of Dylan's "Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again." Nine verses worth! My favorite:

When Babe Ruth says come see him
In his Field of Dreams lagoon,
Where I can watch him play for free'
Neath a daydream moon.
An' I say, "Aw come on now,
You must know about the drag bunt."
An' he says, "Your drag bunt shows off your speed
But homers are what you want."
Oh, Mama, can this really be the end,
To be Stuck Inside Mom's Basement With the Spreadsheet Blues Again.

I suppose liking that verse should be troubling for me in that "Mobile's" corresponding verse has some seriously sexual overtones involving Ruthie at the honky tonk, but we'll let it pass.

In any event this won't really work for you if you don't know the Dylan song. But you know what? You should really know the Dylan song.

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