Monday, March 10, 2008


Call me crazy, but I think some level of cleverness or good-natured cunning is required in order for something to be called a "prank." This just sounds like cruelty:
The clubhouse pranks for the Yankees have picked up this spring, and last year's No. 1 pick Andrew Brackman, who is rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, has been hit hard. He walked to his locker yesterday morning to find that all of his sliders, his baseball underwear, had been slit down the middle.

Brackman's Yankees cap suffered a similar fate. Brackman tossed it in the garbage and then saw the worst of the damage. Six pairs of workout shoes, including brand new spikes, had their shoelaces cut by a Pinstriped Jack the Ripper. The laces were sliced tongue to toe right down the middle, so Brackman, who signed a $4.5 million deal, spent a good part of the day re-lacing his shoes.

"Man, they got me good," he said.

Are we still cool with the meme that Girardi is running a tight ship and Joe Torre's laid back demeanor was beginning to harm the club?


Anonymous said...

The intellectual bar for "clever prank" is probably a bit higher for most of us than it is for athletes.

I'm just sayin'.

B said...

Seems like the sort of thing Farva would do.

Say Car Ramrod!

Unknown said...

I still can't believe no one has ever sued over this sort of thing. Hazing in major league clubhouse is just as much b.s. as it is in college fraternities.

Anonymous said...

um i dont think so. i dont see them making people take shots til they puke or other random hazing. and i am sure they all pitched in for his new gear. you cant compare that to college frat hazing. gimme me a break

Unknown said...

Well, sure, there's no threat of bodily harm. But, a lot of these "pranks" like forcing the rookies to dress in women's clothes or carry luggage are very similar to fraternity hazing. Like I said, I'm just surprised no one has been sued yet is all.