Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Petroskey Is Out

You may remember that back in 2003, Hall of Fame President Dale Petroskey cancelled a commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the movie Bull Durham because, in his Bush-worshipping mind, he believed that Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon were undermining the safety of U.S. troops by exercising their First Amendment rights.

If that bugged you a bit, you may be happy to know that just in time for the 20th anniversary of the movie Bull Durham, Petrosky has been forced to resign his post for being a miserable failure of a President:

Dale Petroskey resigned Tuesday as president of the baseball Hall of Fame after its board's executive committee found he "failed to exercise proper fiduciary responsibility." The Hall's executive committee said it found there were "other business judgments that were not in the best interest of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum."

Long live democracy, free speech and the '91 Braves - all improbable, glorious miracles that I have always believed in.


Anonymous said...

According to the Hall of Fame's 2006 990, they paid $133k to a firm named Duffey Petroskey & Co. Now I have no idea if that Petroskey is related to Dale, but that's the kind of thing that gets you fired for "fail[ing] to execute proper fiduciary responsibility" if you don't disclose the relationship to the Board of Directors first.
I have NO IDEA if this is what happened - just a guess.

Shyster said...

Anon -- very interesting. Thanks for the tip. It will be neat to see how this plays out, because lord knows there isn't much detail at the moment.

Ken Dynamo said...

yeah, that guy looks like a douche allright.

Anonymous said...

Free speech is essential, but where and when does matter. I recall that Sarandon & Robbins replied to the cancellation by stating that they knew where & when to share their politics and would not have done so at the event.

One wonders, then, why they chose the Oscar telecast - an entertainment event - to announce their opinions to the world?

Shyster said...

anon#1: Just realized that the names are spelled differently (the firm is "Petrosky" and the fired Hall President is "Petroskey."

Thus probably killeth that line of speculation.

Tom said...

That's funny. The Hall of Fame misspelled the firm name on their 990 (both names are spelled the same on the filing).

I suppose that's a good thing, though - that the HoF's president wasn't using the organization to give business to family members.

Anonymous said...

Very clever Ken..high level conversation, intelligent and just the kind of response one would expect from an intellectual giant like yourself.