Tuesday, March 25, 2008

That Wicked Retahded DirectTV Outage

DirectTV explains itself:

"We experienced some temporary technical difficulties early this morning that resulted in some channels not being available to customers. The majority of our channels were not affected and we have since corrected the problem. In the case of the Red Sox season opener, we were able to bring the NESN channel back up at the top of the seventh inning. ESPN2 came back on later, after the game was over. (Customers who have NESN or ESPN2 inHD were able to see the entire game.) We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers - and particularly Red Sox Fans. ESPN2 is planning to carry a repeat of the game at 2 p.m."
Of course 95% of that is information -- hey, your channels were out! -- A's and Red Sox fans already knew. Then again, what else are they going to say? Nothing short of an alien spacecraft blasting the DirectTV satellite out of the sky with plasma rays would assuage the outrage of Red Sox Nation.

Even then they'd probably blame the alien attack as part of a vast New York conspiracy.


Will said...

There's usually no real purpose to ESPN2. The one time I try to watch it (OK, Tivo it), I get over an hour of test pattern. What a let down. If the same "glitch" happens tomorrow, DirectTV will likely lose more than just me as a customer -- and I'm an Oakland A's fan.

PS: I just found your site through the snippets of Rob Neyer that are posted on ESPN and I am enjoying it. I sure do miss reading all his analysis, though

Paul Thomas said...

I like how they apologize "to Red Sox fans" who were inconvenienced.

A's fans who were inconvenienced can, apparently, stick it as far as DirecTV cares.

Of course, everyone knows that the A's are only ever watched by robots.