Thursday, March 6, 2008

Vincent and Steinbrenner

Former Commish Fay Vincent has given Williams College -- his alma mater -- a $7 million gift to fund undergraduate scholarships. From the article:

U.S. News & World Report named Williams the nation's No. 1 liberal arts
college in the magazine's 2008 rankings. New York Yankees owner George
Steinbrenner and former U.S. Education Secretary William Bennett also are
Williams alumni.

I'm sure someone knew that both Vincent and Big Stein were Williams grads, but I didn't. It was Vincent, you will recall, who banned Steinbrenner from baseball in 1990 over the Howie Spira/Dave Winfield affair. To the extent he's still smarting over it -- doubtful, but you never know -- he could totally own Vincent by pledging $14 million to Williams, thereby stealing his thunder.

That it would also be a wonderful thing to do is gravy.

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