Monday, March 3, 2008

TGWNA Roundtable

Two Guys Who, Like, Never Agree has convened its First Annual Baseball Roundtable.

The panelists are John Brattain of THT; Voros McCracken of Baseball Digest Daily and, well you know Voros; Jason Rosenberg of It IS About the Money, Stupid; fiction writer and baseball buff Justin St. Germain; our good friend Pete Toms of A Baseball Geek, Baseball Digest Daily, and maybe other places someday soon; Ducksnorts' and THT's Geoff Young; Diesel and Colin Laisure-Pool of TGWNA; and hey, me!

It's entertaining reading as long as you ignore the last guy's stuff.

Thanks to Diesel for putting it together.


Bradley Ankrom said...

That's a pretty entertaining read, though I wish they could have gotten a few more questions in. The comments re revenue sharing were particularly strong and I hope it gets more people thinking about how bass ackwards the current setup is.

Joey said...

Hey Shyster, when browsing TGWNA's site I found that little "blog readability level"

Like TGWNA, you rate to be Junior High School (good or bad I don't know), but Jason at it is about the money, stupid (love him), is rated high school and I'm confused as to why that is. For --- sakes, your the one that does the "fisking" and breaks down all the legal mumbo jumbo. Not important, just figured I'd share

BTW, great discussion, wish there were some more questions asked of these great minds, next time maybe suggest some reader asked questions!

Shyster said...

Joey -- I am outraged that I only ranked junior high. I am shooting for a reasonably-selective PhD program!

Seriously, though, I wonder how those things work. I use way more jargon than I probably should, so I figure I'd rank, um, denser. Guess not.

In all honesty, the higher you rate in terms of word complication, the less likely you are actually using plain language in a clear and simple way.

Any questions or comments about the questions themselves should be directed to Diesel over at TGWNA. He's the ringleader, and he says he's going to try to convene more of these over the course of the season, so I'm sure he'd value your input.

Diesel said...

@ Joey

Yeah, the blog readability level is an interesting thing, and I thought it was funny that we rated so low since (at least at its inception) both the writers were former/current sports writers who had spent considerable time copy editing.

Then I realized how much I swear.

As for questions, it's definitely something I would like to incorporate in the future since the first go-round was such a success.