Friday, March 7, 2008

"Batting first . . . UL Washington . . .Washington"

Chris Needham at the wonderful Nats blog Capitol Punishment looks at the top historical comps for the likely Nationals' opening day lineup and the team looks like this:

1) UL Washington (Felipe Lopez)
2) Rondell White (Lastings Milledge)
3) Ken McMullen (Ryan Zimmerman)
4) Mike Esptein (Nick Johnson)
5) Bob Allison (Austin Kearns)
6) Pete Incaviglia (Wily Mo Pena)
7) Todd Hundley (Jesus Flores)
8) Wayne Tolleson (Cristian Guzman)

Chris' conclusion: "That seems like a pretty solid lineup and a decent set of comps for some of those guys." I have to agree. Is it a World Series winning team? Ah, no. But it's not a a terrible team.

Even better if Lopez starts walking around with a toothpick.

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Anonymous said...


I'm in heaven, a Nats retro lineup. Almost as good as the all -Orange O's SP's from the golden era the other day.

We'll have to wait and see how the Nats park plays through the whole year before we get too excited about the comps. The SE waterfront is incredibly steamy in summer, and that heat and humidity can negatively effect performances (like playing in Texas) by pitchers. Hitters are less affected since the heat cancels the humidor effect.

I don't think we'll see a Killebrew or Frank Howard in the Nats lineup, unless Dukes can keep his head straight and play to his potential.