Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bonds in Motion

Barry Bonds' attorneys have moved to dismiss the indictment against him on the grounds that the questions asked of him were too vague to support a perjury rap.

I've not seen the motion -- and I'll note that these things rarely get granted -- but it was and remains my view that the questions and answers that purport to constitute Bonds' perjury are far less damning than has been reported to date.

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Pete Toms said...

Read a different item on this a day or two ago and was reminded what a witch hunt this is. Anderson maintains he still won't testify but the feds are still trying to put the screws ( how's that for legalize? ) to his wife and his mother in law. IIRC the writer wrote that it is very unlikely that spouse of Anderson will testify, spousal something legal that I don't remember.

I hope Bonds wins his collusion case. Although as I've read elsewhere, the owners would gladly pay the damages just to have him away from their product. He - and Roger I guess now - are the face of the steroid problem. But, hey, it's all better, zero positive tests amongst big leaguers in 08! Hooray!! Ugh.