Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Short Changed

Josh Wilker reminds us that Pedroia's MVP wasn't the first time the voters took notice of a little guy over an arguably more-worthy candidate (Josh cites Youkilis, but I think Mauer fits just as well). As an added bonus, he lists his all-time short guy team.

I'm assuming he got the player heights from Baseball-Reference. I'm also assuming that the heights on Baseball-Reference were based on lies those guys once gave team or league officials in order to not seem so short.


Sara K said...

I know FJM et al. has already been all over this, but no way was Eckstein the 06 Series MVP. He won that award on pure scrappy smallness at Yadier Molina's expense.

Josh Wilker said...

I got those heights on the all-time short guy team from either baseball-ref or a Hall of Fame program from my visit to Cooperstown in '05. Speaking of heights, Patek is listed at different heights in his cards from the '70s (5'4" in one, 5'5" in another); he is also listed as being born in Oklahoma City in his '75 card, which differs from the hometown listed in his other cards (and on baseball-ref).