Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's not how fat it is, it's the length

At least when you're talking about player contracts:

The Los Angeles Dodgers want a full-length feature of the Manny Ramirez show after last season's short.

General manager Ned Colletti said Wednesday that the Dodgers made an offer to the free-agent slugger, and their pitch would give him the second-highest average salary in the sport behind Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.
Boras -- delusional as he may be -- has made it clear that Manny wants four or five years. This Dodger offer is almost certainly for a couple of years. Given that, and given how early in the process the offer is being made, you can be almost certain that Colletti is maximizing the chances that it will be rejected, and thereby trying to minimize the chances that Dodger fans will yell at him for not trying to keep Ramirez in Los Angeles.

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bigcatasroma said...

Or starting the bar low, at say 2 years, so that it doesn't go above 4?