Monday, November 24, 2008

Sox Offer Tek a One-Year Deal

That's what WEEI is reporting. No word on how much it was, but I'm guessing it wasn't a lot. I'm also guessing that the Sox have no desire to bring the guy back. I'm also guessing (hoping?) that Sox fans have come to trust team management enough to where they realize that not bringing Varitek back absent an extremely team-friendly, make-good kind of a deal is the right move.


tadthebad said...

A hearty "Yes" to all of the above. Contrary to the national perspective, most Sox fans (well, the ones I fraternize with anyway) realize that Tek is not good anymore. They also realize that what pitch is "called" is FAR less important than how well that pitch is thrown.

rob said...

I guessing that the Sox either overpay for one year, or give him two years at a reduced rate.

But if he (or his agent) are looking for a four-year deal, well I suppose that Jim Bowden is still lurking in DC, so maybe he'll get it somewhere.

Most (smart) Sox fans should probably look to the past two years of Pedro's deal with the Mets if they need a rationale to cut bait on The Captain instead of offering him anything resembling a long-term contract (e.g., three-plus years).

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Personally, I'd sooner tell him that "unless you want to take a 1 year deal, we're not going to offically offer you a deal". I think that the image damage from offering a deal that a beloved player can use as an "insulting" rallying cry is real and avoidable.

Torre and the Yanks are a good example.

just tell the player that they are choosing to "go another direction" and thank them for their service and dedication over the years. Give them a "day" at the ballpark in a year or two, once they are done, hug it out and that's that.

mooseinohio said...

Agree as well and most of the Sox fan I associate with tend to be more rationale as self-esteem is not wedded to record of club. The PV (post-Varitek) era will begin one way or another, whether it is this year or in a few is somewhat of a moot point as the team will survive and thrive without him. Not trying to diminish his contributions to the team but a team is much bigger than one player - no matter their role or status.

Eric said...

i would liken the mood in boston to "we're just gonna hang out and see what happens."

it seems to me that teenagers, females, and old guys still get hung up on players they love.

nesn does a great job remaining neutral and informative during broadcasts and i think that's had an impact on boston fans and how they observe our team.

Justin Zeth said...

Varitek will be back in Boston for a simple reason: He's a type A free agent, and he's not worth losing your first round pick over even if you were getting his services absolutely free.

He'll likely end up accepting arbitration, which I suspect is fine with the Red Sox.

mkd said...

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but as I scan my iGoogle page looking for something to read my skimming eye only picks out "S__r T_ek" from the headline and I keep thinking this is going to be a post on the new Star Trek movie. "Baseball and SF together!" I think, "Be still my nerdy heart. Oh wait, this is still that Jason Veritek post I already read."