Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hypothetical Question of the Day

Via BTF, a story about a guy who just got a $1.2M jury award after taking a pitch from a batting cage pitching machine to the "groin." In the BTF thread, a fella' named Shooty asks a hypothetical question:

The question: Would you take a 60 mph pitch directly in the nads -- and I
mean directly -- for 1.2 million?
My response: I've been married for over 13 years. I have two kids, a mortgage, and no reasonable way to escape the legal profession any time soon. On top of that I'm bald, I live in Ohio, and my parents recently moved to a place less than two miles from my home.

Where do I f*ckin' sign up for the changeup to the crotch thing?


Ron Rollins said...

Wanna trade lives?

I bet not!!!!

Craig Calcaterra said...

I suppose not. But how about we do a three week on/one week off kind of deal?

mooseinohio said...

Problem is this guy lawyers got a huge chunk of the settlement - fortunately you get to cut out the lawyers and represent yourself if you can get past the PTSD (i.e. post-testicular stress disorder).

Ron Rollins said...

Now that's funny!!!

chris simonds said...

can you sign up twice?
like one ball for each, you know, ball?
that's 2.4 million.
craig can be my lawyer.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Sign me up. You can stand me on a lazy susan, give a spin and keep taking shots at me, $1.2 million a shot. Just give me a goalie mask and have at it.

I can be some freaky carnival attraction for the rich and famous.

"come plunk some dude anywhere you want for $1.2 million a shot!"

christopher said...

If i didn't know when the hit was coming I would do it in a cocaine heartbeat. But I really don't think I have the testicular fortitude to stand there and not flinch as someone fires baseballs at my crotch.

Mike Tunney said...

Hilarious. I'm 23 and plan on having kids if I can trick some unsuspecting woman into doing so, but I would take that shot to the cajones in a heart beat if it meant I would have any student loans after law school.

Too bad there are many batting cages in the Loop.

Michael M said...

I'd absolutely do that. I also would take a burn from McDonalds coffee too. I'm sure we all remember that story.

You're in Chicago too, Tunney? I'm writing from the Loop as we speak!