Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Country for Old Men

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick takes a look at the employment prospects of some of the game's old men. Specifically, Jim Edmonds, Garret Anderson, Ken Griffey, Cliff Floyd, Jeff Kent, Nomar Garciaparra, Luis Gonzalez, Frank Thomas, and Mosies Alou.

The only one I'd even think about on that list is Edmonds, and even then I wouldn't expect anything fabulous. The rest of them? Either guys who have signaled their desire to retire or else pure chopped liver.

I guess that's harsh, but as Crasnick notes, we're a couple of years past the point when most teams realized that big names and past achievements aren't worth a roster spot.

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Alex C said...

Desire to Retire could be a good band name.