Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'll admit that I don't keep up with tech news, but I had no idea that Commodore was back in the computer business. But they are, and they're offering custom painted cases with your favorite team logo:
Currently, there are only four teams offered--Mets, Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies--but the press release states that additional teams will be added in the weeks to follow. So stay tuned Kansas City Royals fans.

Since its reemergence, Commodore has offered many custom paint themes, which it calls C-kins. The MLB themes feature standard C-kin pricing: $275 for a full ATX chassis and $210 for just the painted panels, which you would them slap on the Commodore PC you already own.

My Commodore PC? My Commodore was made in 1985 and it doesn't have a case. The CPU is under the keyboard and the monitor is a 13-inch television set. The baseball stuff would look pretty sweet though, especially when I'm rockin' the Lance Hafner and Microleague Baseball.


Ron Rollins said...

If they think they're going to market this to Royals fans, they're crazy.

By spring training, there won't be enough of us left to boycott them.

Grey said...

This would've been sweet back in the 80s when I was playing Pitfall.