Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Albert Pujols Wants to Own a Team

A Major League Soccer team, that is:

Dominican baseball slugger Albert Pujols has joined the prospective ownership group bidding to obtain a Major League Soccer expansion team starting in 2011, the group announced Tuesday.

One day after the St. Louis Cardinals star was named Major League Baseball's National League Most Valuable Player for the just-concluded season, Pujols made his case for becoming an owner in a different sport.

"This means a lot to me and my family as we all love soccer and we believe in MLS," Pujols said. "This will be great for our community, especially our youth. St. Louis is an unbelievable sports town and we'll be a great city for Major League Soccer."
This story was reported by AFP, a French news organization that thinks it's necessary to identify Pujols by his nationality for some reason.


Pete Toms said...

MLS is hot! I have zero interest in it but IIRC the price of franchises has risen from the $10 million range to an anticipated $40 - 50 million in the next expansion round. This all in the past handful of years. It's wildly popular with young yuppies in Toronto, I think it's all about the scarf ( really ).

matt said...

Soccer's anti-American! Watch him pay something like $40,000,000.13, that decimal-loving Commie.

His team will probably be boring and dominate all year rather than sucking until the final month of the season and turning it on in VALUETIME.