Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Yankees Back Up the Money Truck

The Yankees have apparently made a monstrous offer to CC Sabathia:
The Yankees made a record-breaking six-year, $140 million offer to free-agent starter CC Sabathia on Friday, according to multiple industry sources, the first part of their plan to overhaul their rotation. The Bombers have also readied offers for top free agents Derek Lowe and A.J. Burnett.
CC is a great pickup for whoever gets him, but this sounds like a an overbid. It's their money, though, so I don't care. Personally, I can't wait for the series of indignant columnists complaining about how the Yankees are evil and all of that while simultaneously failing to mention that New York hasn't won anything since they really started going apesh*t on the free agent market six or seven years ago.


Jason @ IIATMS said...

<---- what he said

mooseinohio said...

Overspending on FA by the Yankees equals poor success - weren't the Danny Tartabul days so much fun?

Josh said...

Nothing would make me happier than watching the Yankees bid against themselves. Good times.

The Common Man said...

Yay! The heady days of Dave LaPoint and Andy Hawkins are back again! Though I guess CC is more of a Catfish Hunter, a workhorse who may break down in a year or two after the acquisition.

Craig, has the demise of FJM inspired more of a potty-mouth from you in recent days to make up for the shortfall of swears on the internets? I don't mind necessarily, but you seem to be cussin' more than usual.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Not a conscious decision, TCM. Just kind of in a cursing mood lately. It'll pass.