Monday, November 24, 2008

What Happens in Vegas . . . is Really the Same Thing That Happens Everywhere Else

Every time a team has trouble with attendance or their stadium, someone mentions Las Vegas as a potential new home. Well, Las Vegas isn't any different than any other city when it comes to this stuff:
Developers considering bids to redevelop the site of Cashman Field in Las Vegas have been told by the city that all proposals must include plans to build a new baseball stadium on the site or nearby. The proposals could have implications for the future of professional baseball in Las Vegas, which would likely be in danger if a new stadium is not built . . .

. . . Don Logan, president and general manager of the 51s, said the team hopes to "hang on" in Las Vegas until it can get a new stadium.
Though it may seem that way sometimes, they really don't print money in Sin City.

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Eric Toms said...

Vegas has sunk to the bottom of the AAA pecking order. That's how they ended up with the Jays. Nobody wanted the Jays because they have a long history of fielding shit AAA teams and no big league club wanted their AAA in Vegas because the facility is inferior ( by todays standards, a lot of great minor league parks have been constructed in this era ).