Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sabathia Will Have Options

While CC has said that he will consider the Yankees' ginormous offer as he sups on turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, "a person familiar with the talks" is saying that the Giants are definitely on the scene:

According to a person familiar with the talks, the San Francisco Giants have been in touch with Sabathia's agent and are planning an offer in excess of the six years, $100 million Milwaukee has offered, though not as high as the Yankees' stratospheric six-year, $140 million offer.

The Giants "want to show him they're going to be very aggressive," . . . The Giants believe Sabathia would rather pitch in San Francisco than in New York, and they're hoping they can make an offer that's close enough to the Yankees' offer to convince him to go there.
As I wrote last week, this seems like a good idea. Then again, it ain't my money, so that's pretty easy for me to say.


Jared said...

The reported Brewers offer is for five years, $100 million, not six years as that article states.

God Bless The Printing Press said...

If the giants sign CC, don't they have to trade one of the young guys for a bat or go hard after Texiera or Manny?

Justin Zeth said...

With a rotation of Sabathia/Lincecum/Cain/Sanchez, you won't need to score many runs to win the NL West.

Anonymous said...


If the Giants pay CC $ 20M/year, and Zito $ 17M per, they have about an equal amount to pay the rest of the team. How can they win like that? They'd have to get up to $ 90M total to have a chance.