Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Hits Just Keep-a-Comin' for Clemens

People keep doing the moonwalk from Roger Clemens:

Roger Clemens has been asked to end his involvement with a charity golf tournament he has hosted for four years as the fallout from the Mitchell report continues to haunt the seven-time Cy Young award winner, the New York Daily News reported in Wednesday's edition.
Let's be clear here: all of the bad crap happening to Roger Clemens in the past year is not the result of "fallout from the Mitchell Report." Lots of guys were named in the Mitchell Report and they aren't becoming pariahs. One of them even gets nice stories written about how cool it would be for him to go pitch for the Dodgers.

Roger's problems stem from holding belligerent news conferences, issuing silly, overly-defensive reports of his own, media whoring, filing a high profile lawsuit against a pathetic nobody of a guy who most people probably would have just let slink away, making a moderate fool of himself in front of Congress, becoming the subject of a criminal perjury investigation and last, but not least, having his sordid sex life come out into the open.

Look, if Roger truly never ever did steroids it would be a real shame for him to be forced to admit that he did. The fact remains, however, that if on December 14, 2007, he had simply said that he shot up once in 1998 because his shoulder was bugging him or something and that he wished he never had, no one would have dug deeper, no one would have held it too much against him, and none of the bad crap of the past year would have happened. That's not a retrospective opinion. Any PR person could have told him that was the smart play at the time.

PR is no substitute for the truth, but a wise man once sang that people don't do what they believe in, they just do what's most convenient, then they repent. We can all say we wouldn't do that, but I'm not sure I wouldn't have done that in Roger Clemens' place.


christopher said...

You know, a year out, i only remember three people who were named in the mitchell report: pettite, brian roberts, and clemens. No one seems to have held anything against pettite and roberts (or tejeada or giambi or shefield who were implicated before the mitchell report), and as discussed here, clemens' problems stem from his response, not that he was named.

In that respect, the naming of names probably didn't hold the stigma it seemed to have at the time. I think that's a good thing; it shifts the mitchell report from a list of guilty people to a snapshot of what was going on at one moment in time because the institution of baseball refused to address the steriod issue.

Anonymous said...

How about a link to the song in the last paragraph, cause I'm not picking up on it.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Link is up.

mooseinohio said...

Amen brother.

Ken Dynamo said...

whats funny to me is i couldnt care less if clemens used steroids or not but i am so happy he is getting dumped on because i hate him so much anyway.