Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Sofia Lorens vs. The Tolouse Lautrecs

When I was a lad, I used to play a lot of really basic computer baseball sims from Lance Hafner and Avalon Hill and outfits like that. You could make your own teams up, and I'd always build leagues comprised entirely of bush league towns. Coming up with the team names was almost as much fun as playing the games. I still have my old Commodore 64, and on occasion I'll bust it out. The 1987 Saginaw Superbas are still together on 5.25" floppy, with Wade Boggs leading off, and they're really tough to beat.

ShysterBall's U.K. Bureau Chief, Ron Rollins, points us to a BBC message board thread in which British baseball fans are having that same kind of fun. Instead of playing a game, however, they are simply imagining a European baseball league, complete with cities and appropriate team names. I've only met a handful of Brits in my life, but one thing I've loved about all of them is their dark sense of humor, evidenced by the fellow who proposed the "Dresden Rubble." And so it goes.

Lots of punny ones too, if that's your cup of tea.


Ron Rollins said...
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Craig Calcaterra said...

Too soon, man. Too soon.

rob said...

I don't have time to read the message board thread, but I sure hope they remembered to propose a heated rivalry between Slough and Swindon.