Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reminder: Monday is Moving Day

For those of you who missed it -- or for those of you who ate so much pie over the past view days your synapses ceased firing -- a reminder: ShysterBall is moving to The Hardball Times Monday morning. If things go right, clicking your usual ShysterBall bookmark should redirect you to the New and Improved ShysterBall automatically. In the likely event I screw that up, the new URL is:
There's only some old junk there now. New stuff should show up early Monday morning.

If even that is screwed up, just go to THT's main page and click on the tab that reads, you guessed it, ShysterBall, which should appear in the wee hours of Monday morning as well.

As I said before, the new ShysterBall will be almost exactly like the old ShysterBall, except it will be different.

See you on the other side.


joshjs said...

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that THT gives you a separate full-text RSS feed. I've enjoyed that facet of your blog for... wow, it's been well over a year now.


lar said...

I second the RSS request, too. Full-text would be great, but I understand if it's not. Either way, an RSS feed would be great. Congratulations on the move!

RoyceTheBaseballHack said...

Well, I'm in a deep curl at the end of the platform and ready to go here, Shyster.

But...what will come of, 'Craig'...?? Do your plans include periodic updates to that? Will your new home allow you to have a link to it? I think that the new readers you rake in from the larger audience might enjoy your content there.

Just sayin'...

Craig Calcaterra said...

Re: the feed: I have no idea if it will be a full story feed or not. I'm kind of a feed idiot. Comments will be open over at THT. Please lodge whatever complaints you have after we get started over there and we'll do what we can to make things ideal for you.

Re: I haven't updated it since June. It will still be there, and I hope to start posting stuff there again soon. It's hard to keep two blogs going, but I do plan on doing something with that space eventually.

Mike said...

I've added the address to my links. Congrats. I just hope you had an attorney review the agreement. You don't want to be freelancing that legal stuff. :-)