Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Everyone Has a Dream

It's good to be Aaron Gleeman:
Actually, with a new year around the corner perhaps my goal for 2009 should be to land a regular radio gig, if only because it may be the only other job that would allow me to keep shaving no more than once per week, showering sporadically, and wearing sweatpants and flip-flops to work. Unlike my wonderful day job at Rotoworld doing regular radio stuff would involve actually leaving the house and interacting with other people, but in fairness not every gig can be completely perfect.
People ask me what my ultimate goal is in writing, and Aaron pretty much nails it.


Anonymous said...

Is showering really that bad? Its kind of encouraged where I'm from. "More showers" could probably be an easier resolution than "land more radio gigs"

Maybe you could tell Gleeman its one of the reasons you have a wife and kids and he has official fantasy girls. Again, where I'm from, those are called "girls I'll never meet". Particularly if you don't take the showers.

Keep showering, Shystet.

Craig Calcaterra said...

I agree with you that showering is important. I think the larger point, however, is that while the effect (i.e. cleanliness) is the same, not all showers are created equal. A 5:45 AM shower because you have to get ready to get in the car and drive to work kinda sucks. A 8:27 shower because, well, I suppose I should take a shower before I get too far along in my wonderful work-at-home day is another matter entirely.

Anonymous said...

Daily showers: good.

Having to shave every day because of your job: Not so great.