Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Feds Are Closing in on Clemens

We've been checking up on the Clemens-McNamee defamation case from time to time, but we must not forget that something far more interesting has been happening, and that's a pretty major investigation of whether Roger Clemens lied to Congress during that comic/pathetic hearing back in February:
Roger Clemens' former trainer gave samples of his DNA to federal investigators trying to ascertain whether the star pitcher committed perjury before Congress, two New York newspapers reported.

The request for a DNA sample from trainer Brian McNamee suggests that investigators found readable DNA on the syringes, needles and gauze pads McNamee turned over to federal prosecutors in January, The New York Times and Daily News reported Monday night.

As I noted at the time, someone was very obviously lying during that hearing, so unlike our friend Barry Bonds' perjury trial, there will be no complicated question and answer parsing if Clemens gets indicted.

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mooseinohio said...

Does this whole Clemens saga have the feel a Shakespearean feel to it? Go back even further in time with a biblical reference as pride does cometh before the fall.

Man has been flawed for a long time so while we may occasionally be shocked with who is at the center of the drama - we should expect the drama to play out on a fairly regular basis.