Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sign Kato, Get the Green Hornet!

Olney's notes column has an interesting passage today:

By the way: As the Brewers wait to hear back from Sabathia, on whether he will take their offer, they are clinging to Mike Cameron, a highly respected and well-liked veteran who is close with Sabathia. There is speculation within the industry that if Sabathia signs elsewhere, the Brewers may decide to trade the center fielder -- perhaps to the Yankees, where he could be a natural lure for Sabathia. As the world turns.
How cheap do you feel if you're Mike Cameron right now? It's like he's Dom DeLuise to Sabathia's Burt Reynolds.

UPDATE: How sad is this? DeLuise has a website, but it has nothing about his acting career at all. It appears to exist only to sell his cooking crap. Look, the guy was no DeNeiro. Hell, he wasn't even Ned Beatty. But he was funny in a lot of stuff in the 70s and early 80s, and you'd think at least he'd have a page or two on there talking about off-days on the Cannonball Run set or something.

UPDATE #2: OK, I found some pics at least. That's what my life has come to, by the way: searching the web for pics of Dom DeLuise. I wonder if suicide really is painless . . .


Paulmcc said...

Dom does list his history on the website, although it's not exactly easy to find.

"I want to be...Captain America!"

blaze said...

I don't know who to feel more sorry for: Me, because this entry made perfect sense; or you, because you wrote it in the first place. Have you yelled at me yet today?

Jorge Costales CPA said...

I nominate 'Hell, he wasn't even Ned Beatty' as a new subtitle to blog

Ted Spradlin said...

Thanks Craig for the Dom DeLuise mention.

Where is your *Pozterisk?

You missed out on the chance to give your loyal readers a paragraph or two about your onetime encounter with the master himself.

Like this:

* "My law firm represents cookware manufacturers who sell via infomercials. Seriously. So two years ago, they decided to get a celebrity to host the company golf tourney. John O'Hurley was booked after going from J. Peterman to Dancing With the Stars. Would have been nice to talk to him about the Urban Sombrero. Hah! Ron Popeil - too busy inventing. Somebody joked Dom DeLuise. "He's gotta be free. Haven't seen him since, what, like, 1984 in Cannonball Run 2." So, a quick Google search, one phone call to his agent, and we booked him.

He comes out to Columbus. Big, jovial, funny guy. Older than I expected. Granted, that was 1984 is my basis for DDL. Everyone loves him. I, on the one hand, am shell-shocked. I watched those Cannonball Runs 100 times as a kid. This guy was the Greg Maddux of movie stars to me. He comes to shake my hand and I freeze. All I say is, "I liked your hats." Where that came from, I don't know. I just froze. What a moron. I couldn't say one thing like "Have you ever thought about re-starting the Cannonball Run franchise like James Bond or the Bourne Identity movies?" No, I mention his stupid hats, which I don't like anyway. Who wears those hats besides four middle-aged guys on a golf course in 1975 or men standing in bread lines during the Great Depression? And that's all I can say. "I liked your hats."

That's my only suggestion for the day. Other than that, best baseball blog on the Net.