Monday, November 17, 2008

Fleeting Expletives

The Sheboygan Press has an editorial about the Supreme Court's recent consideration of fines assessed by the FCC for "fleeting expletives" during network broadcasts:
Fox Television Stations and other broadcasters have challenged the FCC's policy. They argue the FCC should consider the context under which these words are said, further stating the commission radically altered its rules without justifying its position. They are correct. Broadcasters point out, for example, that an expletive inadvertently aired during a professional baseball game shouldn't lead to a six-digit fine against the network or its affiliates. This is no small matter to the networks or their affiliates. They can face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines per violation.
If, in the mid 90s, impulsive f-bombs brought large fines, WTBS would have gone out of business based on Greg Maddux starts alone.

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Dan Whitney said...

How much would Utley's "Boo me? Eff you" during the home run derby warmups have cost?