Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reaching for an Angle

News Flash: somewhat dorky Navy brat from the Maryland suburbs is a bit different than cool but eccentric man-child from Washington Heights:

It’s been two months since Ramirez and Teixeira arrived in Los Angeles as impending free agents just before the trading deadline, and each — in his own way — has had a profound impact on their new clubs.

Ramirez has given life to a lineup, a clubhouse, a stadium and an organization that was bereft of any, carrying the Dodgers to the playoffs. Teixeira has delivered the long-sought big bat behind Vladimir Guerrero that has transformed the Angels from scrappy contenders to the best team in baseball.

They are the two leading hitters in baseball since August. Ramirez is batting .396 with 17 home runs and 53 runs batted in since he was acquired from Boston. Teixeira is batting .358 with 13 home runs and 43 runs batted in after coming from Atlanta.

Most interesting, perhaps, is how the two sluggers have not only fit in so seamlessly with their new teams, but how they are the embodiment of their new organizations.

The Dodgers are Mannywood, er, Hollywood. The Angels, from the top down, just take care of business.
I really don't go for these reductionist "team personality" stories. I'm guessing there were some bookish types on the 1993 Phillies and some non-idiots on the 2004 Sox. Likewise, once you get beyond Manny, are there really any notable personality differences between the Dodgers and the Angels? They're all kind of normal guys. The only thing notable about these teams is the number of overpaid surplus outfielders they have.


Grady said...

Let's get one thing straight: they are NOT both in Los Angeles.

I will continue to fight this.

Justin Zeth said...

I'm with you, Grady.

So, who do you like in the series between the Los Angeles Rays of Tampa and the Los Angeles White Sox of Chicago?