Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Out of the Pool

You know, the credit crunch and the whole economy-going-down-the-crapper thing really sucks, but if it means that silly, superfluous things like the Diamondbacks' pool go away, it won't be all for naught.


mooseinohio said...

Great opportunity to attract a new demographic to the baseball - my suggestion include:

1) Drain the pool and make a little skateboard park to draw in pre-teen/teen boys.

2) Convert to a little wetland area to attract environmentalist.

3) Empty the pool, fill it with real diamondbacks and make it a bona fide snake pit.

4) Erect a house, invite a bunch of reality tv folks and make Big Brother episode there.

RoyceTheBaseballHack said...

The newly built QuickTrip Park, home of the Grand Prairie Air Hogs (managed by Pete Incaviglia), have a pool in the right field bleachers. It seems to be a popular place. They call it, 'The Helipad'.