Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm In The Wrong Business

Beyond my family, I have three loves:

1. Baseball;
2. Writing; and
3. Driving

Really, that's it. There is no particular food or beverage I simply couldn't live without. I don't have a prized possession that, were I to lose it, would make me utterly miserable. There is no single place that, were I to not see it before I die, would render my life incomplete. I'm a generally simple guy. All I need to be happy in this world is my family, a ballgame, an outlet to write about it, and an occasional cruise in my car, and I'm perfectly content.

But just because I'm content doesn't mean I'm not envious. Envious, for example, of a guy who gets paid to drive hundreds of miles in a car he didn't have to pay for, while taking in baseball games in multiple cities, and then write about it afterwards.


Michael M said...

That is beyond perfect! It'd be even cooler if he did it in the Batmobile.

mooseinohio said...

As the father of a three year old - that takes some real moxie as both car trips and ball games can pose some serious challenges to ones sanity. Maybe there was strength in numbers?

BTW - I'd been calling shotgun in my sleep to assure a spot in the front of the family truckster.

Mark said...

Yeah, but he's driving a Ford.

Other than that -- cool.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

(nods in agreement)

That would be great. Of course, that truck better have separate DVD systems or gaming systems so the kids don't make me want to drive into the median.