Thursday, October 9, 2008

Being Cole Hamels

Bob Nightengale has a good profile of the Phillies Game 1 starter.

I think the key things to take away from this article is that Cole Hamels (a) is married to a former Playboy model who once stripped naked with another chick in exchange for Oreos and peanut butter; and (b) despite having no children, the happy couple drive a minivan and live in the burbs.

So basically, Hamels is going out of his way to openly mock the existence of married-with-children schlubs like me.

I don't have that much more in common with his opponent tonight, but at least Derek Lowe is my age and, if he ever does drive a minivan, doesn't do so ironically.

Go Dodgers.


bigcatasroma said...

Take it like a man, Craig!

Besides, he is just another in the terrible classification of "mini-van driver." Even with kids, I could never join the club . . .

Richard Dansky said...

Of course, if Fox still owned the Dodgers, odds were we'd have seen Carolyn Hughes stripping down for peanut butter between innings as a promo for "Temptation Dugout" or some such.