Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Just a reminder for those of you out there who simply can't get enough: the Arizona Fall League is in session. If you're anywhere close, know that it's all about cheap tickets, hyper-intimacy, and the chance to see lots of young future stars. I've personally never gone, but based on what friends have said, it's definitely on my list of things to do one day.

If you can't go, Keith Law is covering the thing and has filed two jam-packed notes columns from the scene since Friday. Sox fans -- and I know there are many of you around here -- may be interested in hearing this:

Boston right-hander Clay Buchholz worked three strong innings Friday, amping it up to 93-96 with good command for the first inning, after which he lost the handle briefly, recovering for a solid third inning. Both secondary pitches remain well above average, although it was clear he was there to work on fastball command, as he threw predominantly heaters.
There's much, much more, obviously. Yes, the columns are on Insider, but as I've said before, even if paying for content on the Internet galls you, Neyer and Law make it worth the price, so I highly recommend you ponying up if you're able. If you need some way to offset the bad vibes such a transaction entails, know that ESPN automatically sends you a copy of their awful magazine with an Insider subscription, and that you can do awful things to it to make you feel better.


Anonymous said...

That doesn't make me feel any better about last night.

Anonymous said...


You couldn't be more correct about the trade-off of ESPN Insider and their atrocious magazine.

The magazine is like the print version of Sportscenter: jumbled, all schtick all the time, ultimately unwatchable.

At least it doesn't shout.

When the mag comes to our place, my girlfriend immediately puts it in the recycling so I don't have to see it.

But Law and Neyer are absolutely worth the cost.

Kenny said...

If you ask to, they let you send the stupid awful magazine to troops overseas. I did it (because I hate the hassle of throwing the thing out). However, it seems like I disrespected the troops by doing it.

There is no "no magazine at all" option.

mkd said...

I never quite had the balls to do it, but I've long wanted to find out Neyer's home address and forward every one of those damned The Mags I get with a note that says "This is all your fault."

Pete Toms said...

AFL will be broadcast next season the MLB Channel. Craig, want to do a Shysterball straw poll for Tony Petitti & Co.?

Q: Will your cable package / sat provider be bringing you the MLB Channel on Jan 01? If yes, will you watch any AFL on it?

My answer - don't know if my cable provider ( Rogers, which owns my Jays ) is gonna include amongst my hundreds of channels. Assuming I get it, yes I will watch some AFL but suspect the novelty might wear off quickly. They'll need broadcast teams that know their organizational stuff, that should be the focus. The outcome of the games is irrelevant I think we would all agree.

Craig Calcaterra said...

I'm getting the network, but I'll be honest and say that I probably wouldn't watch a ton of the AFL. My understanding is that the beauty of the whole thing is actually being there among such small crowds (and tons of scouts) and getting such a different vibe than you'd normally get at a ballgame.

Take that away and you basically have exhibiton baseball on my TV at roughly the same time the playoffs and World Series are happening three channels up.

Pete Toms said...

Watching professional baseball in Ottawa the past 16 seasons has provided me with more than enough of "..being there among such small crowds..".