Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More MLB Network News

Maury is reporting that MLB Network is going to announce today that, in addition to Matt Vasgersian, the studio team will consist of Harold Reynolds (late of TBS and ESPN) Al Leiter (late of YES, FOX, and four Major League Clubs) and will be supplemented with reporters Hazel Mae (late of NESN) and Trenni Kusnierek, (late of FSN Wisconsin).

Reynolds and Leiter are leagues better than the ex-jocks the others nets typically trot out. I don't know that much about the two reporters, but they are fine by me as long as they bring some real game to the table instead of being mere eye candy.


Pete Toms said...

Hazel Mae formerly worked for a Cdn sportsnet as an anchor on their flagship " sports news " show, or whatever they're called.

So, she didn't have to do anything more than read a teleprompter, although she was competent. She then went to work for NESN - which I don't get per se, some of their games are broadcast on a Cdn sportsnet but not the "shoulder" programming - and I lost track of her.

So, I can't comment on her knowledge of ball but she is definitely very attractive.

Eric said...

HAZEL!!! i second pt's notion that hazel is in fact an attractor.

the word on the street is that she was frowned upon due to questionable dating habits.

after being engaged to a minor league ball player she was rumored to date ricky davis and some other men of color.

i guess this is no good for a canadien asian?

Pete Toms said...

Eric, that rings a bell, talk about her dating jocks. That's unfair to her though. Whether she did, or didn't, why wouldn't a young woman want to date jocks, good lookin, great bodies, young, $$$...not to say I'd advise a woman to marry one though..

Can't say for certain she's a canuck, I assume....

Craig Calcaterra said...

No problem with a reporting dating jocks, but man, Ricky Davis? That guy is insane.

Joist said...

If her contract is like every other female sports journalist's, there was definitely a clause reading, "Personal relationships with the athletes Employee is covering are forbidden. Especially if athlete in question is Ricky Davis."

Larry G said...

Trenni is/was the field reporter for the Brewers (and currently the Bucks). She is actually quite well-liked around these parts for the fact that she is actually a quality reporter and knows what she's talking about. I don't think there is anyone around here who thinks she's just there to be the token attractive woman. If you poke around, you'll find plenty of Brewers bloggers lamenting her loss for much more than the "eye-candy" reason.

So, Jillian Barberie she is not... a little more like Erin Andrews. I say, good for the MLB Network!