Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And That Happened

Obama 349, McCain 147: I was up late watching the world change with my friend Johnnie Walker, so blogging is going to be a tad delayed this morning as I deal with my headache.

See you later this morning.


Crowhop said...

Cooler feeling:

being a 70 year old black person today


being Joe Carter in 1993


mooseinohio said...

So who did you friend vote for?

bigcatasroma said...

This is a Ghostbusters moment --

Phillies win World Series, black man elected President, what world am I in?

Cats and dogs, living together -- MASS HYSTERIA!

There's been an extra hop in my step for like 150 hours running at this point . . .

Craig Calcaterra said...

Johnnie isn't a U.S. citizen, but I think he went Labour in the last election.

He is black, though (at least this bottle was) so if exit polling statistics are to be believed, he likely would have went for Obama.

mooseinohio said...

Glad to know there was no voter fraud in the Shyster household.

Maybe the next time some Johnnie Blue can excite the party as he sweeps his way into the house ... and senate ... right on down Pennsylvania Ave. I know I'll enjoy some with one of his finely dressed friends from Monte Cristo on January 20th.