Friday, November 7, 2008

You Were Expecting Da Meat Hook?

Lastings Milledge and four attractive women with short skirts and tall black boots model the slightly new Nationals' uniforms. Whatcha think, Manny Acta?

For Acta, the road jersey reminded him of the Expos' road uniform he wore while
a third-base coach in Montreal from 2002-04.

"It does have a lot of similarities to the Montreal Expos one, but if you look around the league, too many uniforms look alike," he said.
So the redesign is a tad underwhelming. I guess that's why they had the attractive women with short skirts and tall black boots.


Grant said...

And such a mixed ethnic group! Gotta love it. Let's throw some hoochies out there, but we gotta be PC in what type of hoochies we employ.

Ralph said...

I'm sure that both of the Nats fans will love the new unis. One of them may even go out an buy one.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Too bad your "weathergirl" wasn't available.