Thursday, November 6, 2008

Turning the Weathermen Loose

For those of you care about such things, today is November 6th, and if the World Series were still going on -- as it may be this time next year -- the contending teams would face the following gametime weather conditions today and tomorrow:

  • Philly: 63, chance of showers tonight; clear and low 60s tomorrow;

  • Boston: showers and low 50s tonight; cloudy, clearing, low-to-mid 50s tomorrow;

  • Chicago: showers tailing off by gametime tonight, temperatures in the upper 50s; showers, lower 40s tomorrow;

  • Tampa/St. Pete and Milwaukee: Partly domey, with a chance of scattered fluorescent light, high around 72;

  • Los Angeles: It never rains in southern California.

  • I'll grant you that a night game in Chicago would suck tomorrow, but if (a) the White Sox are playing, Ozzie Guillen's hot air would make things quite comfortable; and (b) if it's the Cubs, we'd be far more concerned with the locusts than we would be with the rain.

    All in all, I think these are all conditions we can deal with without having to retreat to Las Vegas or Nashville or what have you.


    mooseinohio said...

    More stories about the weather please.

    Craig Calcaterra said...

    You wouldn't be saying that if I had gone with my first instinct and used a pic of Williard Scott.

    mooseinohio said...

    Thanks for second questioning yourself - my day is a little brighter as a result.

    Peter said...

    It's been warm (highs in the low 70s) and sunny for the last week in Chicago.

    sliceshs said...

    who is she?

    Craig Calcaterra said...

    I think she is (or was) a weather reporter for Univision. At the risk of offending the female portion of the ShysterBall audience any further (too late, I know), I'll admit that I found that pic doing a search for "weather girl."

    Jason @ IIATMS said...

    I love the Rockies.

    Bob Timmermann said...

    It rained over the weekend in Southern California, although not hard.

    It rained very hard in the Bay Area on Saturday. If anyone watched the Cal-Oregon game, it was extremely wet in Berkeley. And dark. And Cal's stadium doesn't have permanent lights.