Friday, November 7, 2008

Pondering Peavy

Far be it from me to second guess a professional GM like Kevin Towers when it comes to making a deal, but are you really maximizing your leverage when you announce to the whole world that (a) you fully intend to trade your best player by a date certain next month; and (b) you make it abundantly clear which teams are in and which are out of the bidding? Would it have been so hard for him to at least bluff about keeping Peavy until the trading deadline next season or to suggest that there was a dark horse team out there if, for no other reason, than to goose the offers he's getting?

If he can't do that, is it because Peavy's people are actively undermining the deal by leaking info about teams he'd find acceptable? And if that is happening, is it kosher for them to be doing it?

So many questions here.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

I wondered about that, too, but don't we usually gripe about there not being enough transparency in stuff like this?

Pete Toms said...

Didn't read the link but I read somewhere the last few days that SD is cutting payroll down to $40 million range. IIRC it was Alderson who was quoted. Asked if this had anything to do with Moore's divorce there was little response. So, maybe Alderson is forcing Towers' hand. Who is in charge there anyway? Towers, Alderson, DePodesta?