Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Memory Lane

This has nothing to do with baseball, but it's a slow, boring day and my mind is wandering so I've been random Googling. Here's one of my big finds of the morning:

That's a picture of the radio booth I worked in from 1989-1991 (and again in the summer of 1992) at WCIR FM in Beckley, West Virginia. Why someone has taken the effort to preserve that pic online I have no idea, but man it took me back. It also made me realize just how stone age the radio station I worked for was, because I think that console dates back to the Johnson Administration. 103CIR hasn't burned down in an electrical fire since I left, so I'm assuming they have a new board now.

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blaze said...

So Romantic. And by Romantic, I mean how that particular memory makes you feel - capital "R" as opposed to lower case. English teacher distinction. You are lucky, as am I: 80's music rocked, because so few songs had an agenda. And if you discovered an agenda, you were in a good place anyway. Again, however, Beckley was not so mellow a place - but a week ago tomorrow, I had an ass-kickin nap there.