Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hell's Bells

It's not just Peavy checking out of San Diego:
Trevor Hoffman, the all-time leaders in saves and the face of the San Diego franchise, will not return to the Padres for 2009. The team has withdrawn its contract offer for 2009 to Hoffman, who is eligible for free agency this fall.

Hoffman has played the last 16 seasons with the Padres, tenure which ranks behind only John Smoltz's 20 years with the Braves among active players. He also ranks first all-time among active pitchers in career save percentage, at .892.
I think this may hit my brother the hardest. See, he works at an In-N-Out Burger in San Diego, and Hoffman often comes through his drive through after Padres games and order him some animal style goodness. With his run on the Padres ending, so too endeth my brother's occasional brushes with fame.


Jason @ IIATMS said...

With the Angels needed a replacement for KRod, would it be so crazy to offer Hoffman a nice 1 year deal with an option? Is he lights out anymore? Nah, but could he still do the job and not have to worry about moving from delightful SoCal?

Craig Calcaterra said...

Good point. And if he keeps his home in San Diego, he might still stop by and see my brother once in a while.

Peter said...

The first three times I glanced at this entry, I would've sworn the title was "Heath Bell". God I need to wake up.

Mike said...

Might be a good option for the Tigers.

Michael M said...

I'm calling SD the San Diego Douches from now on. That's the most classless move I've seen in awhile.