Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Athletics at Fremont

There's still some counting to do, but it looks like Fremont, California Mayor Bob Wasserman is surviving his reelection bid. This is significant because Wasserman has been all about the A's new ballpark village, while his two challengers either (a) strongly opposed the idea; or (b) wanted to put it to voters which, while probably the best idea of all of them because, hey, it's their money and their land, is kind of a passive-aggressive way of opposing the idea. The ballpark plan has apparently been a big election issue, so if Wasserman does win, it may give some oomph to the currently stalled project.

The election aside, here's something I hadn't seen before:

A's owner Lew Wolff, a Los Angeles real estate developer, wants to move the ballclub because he doesn't like sharing the Oakland Coliseum with the Raiders and there is no vacant land nearby to build the complex he envisions.

Wolff would change the team's name to the Athletics at Fremont, and the classic brick ballpark, scheduled for completion in 2012, would be named Cisco Field after the computer networking company.
Congratulations, Angels! If this idea goes through, you will no longer have the most ridiculous name in baseball!


Anonymous said...

And I was all ready to call them the Bay Area Athletics of Fremont...

Craig Calcaterra said...

I would be all for "The East Bay A's." That is if Fremont considers themselves East Bay (I'm a bit fuzzy on my BA geography).

It zings! It rhymes! It reminds me of the guitar player from the Dead Kennedeys!

Anonymous said...

That is just dreaming too small. It's the whole problem with the A's: They don't see the big picture.

If they did, they would go with Los Angeles Athletics of Fremont.

Anonymous said...

Wait...Lew Wolff is a real estate developer in LA? Chances are he won't even own the team by 2012.