Friday, April 4, 2008

Possible Naming Rights Deals in Minnesota

The Twins have apparently registered the URLs for ";" ";" as well as multiple variations of "," implying that they are in negotiations with those companies for a naming rights deal. The story notes that the team has registered 48 different URLs, some of which seem like they'd be for generic, non-corporate names such as "Great Northern Park" and "Northern Lights Park." Personally, I love the sound of Great Northern Park.

The story, by the way, in an abundance of class, says that "a blogger" (Gleeman?) discovered the Land O' Lakes urls in February without any further attribution. I realize that the Minneapolis Fox affiliate isn't exactly the Wall Street Journal, but would it kill them to give credit where credit is due? I suppose I shouldn't complain, though. Normally there wouldn't even be an acknowledgment of the blogger at all.

UPDATE: The "blogger" who broke the Land O Lakes thing was actually CarterHayes at Stick And Ball Guy. (thanks to Aaron Gleeman for the tip)


Glenihan said...

Perhaps they might shy away from Northern Lights once they realize its a strain of marijuana.

Or perhaps they're looking to entice the stoner crowd ... in which case they should offer extra large size Funions and Otis Spunkmeyer cookies at their concessions

Chris H. said...

"Northern Lights" was also the name of the Canadian group of musicians that performed on the "We Are The World" album back in the day. It was Geddy Lee and Bryan Adams and...uh...well, that's not the point.

On a related note, I think they should call it the Great White North Stadium, and have Rick Moranis and/or Dave Thomas throw out the first pitch. Think of the marketing! "Take off to the Great White North, eh!"

OK, I know, it's not Canada, but it's Minnesota. Surely that's close enough.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, it's obvious. Twinkie Stadium. Twinkie Field. Twinkie Field at Ho Ho Stadium.