Friday, April 25, 2008

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

I'm confused:
To get his misdemeanor probation cut short by five months, former Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Elijah Dukes spent 25 hours during the past week cleaning out cages and mopping at Lowry Park Zoo.

Attorney Grady Irvin and a team official for the Nationals, who traded for Dukes in December, said the ballplayer also passed weekly drug tests for six months.

And here I thought playing for the Nationals was punishment enough.


Chris Needham said...

As punishment for that unnecessary cheapshot, I'm sending Ray King your way.

Better get your donuts while you still can.

Anonymous said...


Change the blog name to Snarkster!

Real punishment is 33 miles up I-95.All the Nats have to do to motivate their players is tell them they could be playing for Angelos.